Investor Relations


Question : what is the concept of valuesetters ?
Answer : Valuesetters (USOTC: VSTR) is a next generation Music, Movies and Media Entertainment company. Its focused on large-scale investments and operations in media, entertainment, mobile and technology businesses. We invest and build innovative companies capitalizing on technology disruption that are positioned for rapid growth and market leadership. We partner with management teams to enhance business growth and profitability through a combination of strategic capital and operational insight. Valuesetters is publicly traded. (USOTC: VSTR)
Question : what is ValueSetters Mission?
Answer : Valuesetters (USOTC: VSTR) is committed to the media, entertainment and technology industry. We believe that technology disruption creates exciting new opportunities for innovative companies. ValueSetters's mission is to help new media and technology companies capitalize on technology disruption and build large-scale, highly valuable businesses.